BrainBay - Links

   OpenSource EEG Hardware 

     ModularEEG by Joerg Hansmann
     Monolith EEG by Reiner Muench

   OpenSource EEG Software 

     BioEra Lite portable Java Biosignal-Application by Jarek Foltinsky
     bwview Wavelet-based  - brainwave viewing tool, by Jim Peters
     eegmir accurate realtime application, audio feedback, by Jim Peters
     JBrain java-based Brainwave-analysing tool, portable to PDA's, by Jarek Foltynski
     Electric Guru fft-display, by
     TEMPO openGL-3D visualization of EEG activity, reads EDF-files, by Alex Samardzic
     EEGLab Open Source Matlab Toolbox for Psychophysiological Research
     EDFBrowser Open Source Software for displaying / converting EDF data

   HCI and Assistive Technology for people with disabilities

     AsTeRICS Academy AsTeRICS and the AsTeRICS Academy
     SAW The Switch Access to Windows-HCI-Application
     Dasher Text Input by pointing gestures
     the OATS project OpenSorce Assistive Technology Database
     the Open Prosthetics Project "Prothetics shouldn't cost an arm and a leg"
     COGAIN Communication by Gaze interaction
     OpenEyes OpenSource toolkit for low-cost real-time eye-tracking
     Margrit Betke works on image recognition for HCIs
     the FORTEC group working on Rehabilitation Technology

   Professional EEG Hard- and Software:

     Neurobit Systems 1 - 4 Channel Biosignal Amplifiers (Lite, Optima-2, Optima-4)
     BioSemi Amplifiers, Active Electrodes, Amplifier Design Resources
     G.Tec Guger Technologies, USB- and high quality EEG-Amplifiers
     BCI2000 General purpose system for Brain-Computer-Interface research
     BioExplorer Commercial BioFeedback Software with Multimedia support

   Tutorials, how-to's:

     How to build a ModularEEG by Dan Griffiths
     gamedevJeff Molofee's (NeHe) OpenGl-tutorial
     fft-routine by Don Cross
     EDF the European Data Format
     extended EDF
     OpenCV the open computer vision library by Intel

   Audio / Video tools

     MidiYoke  to route midi-output into another program
     AudioMulch  universal Sound Synthesitzer
     Isadora Midi-controlled Realtime Video-Effects
     VVVV a multiporpose multimedia toolkit
     Reaktor Native Instruments GUI SoundLab



     Shifz the Syntharturalistic Art foundation
     Roboexotica our annual Cocktail Robot-Event