BrainBay - Links

   OpenSource EEG Hardware 

     ModularEEG by Joerg Hansmann
     Monolith EEG by Reiner Muench

   OpenSource EEG Software 

     BioEra Lite portable Java Biosignal-Application by Jarek Foltinsky
     bwview Wavelet-based  - brainwave viewing tool, by Jim Peters
     eegmir accurate realtime application, audio feedback, by Jim Peters
     JBrain java-based Brainwave-analysing tool, portable to PDA's, by Jarek Foltynski
     Electric Guru fft-display, by
     TEMPO openGL-3D visualization of EEG activity, reads EDF-files, by Alex Samardzic
     EEGLab Open Source Matlab Toolbox for Psychophysiological Research

   HCI and Assistive Technology for people with disabilities

     AsTeRICS Academy AsTeRICS and the AsTeRICS Academy
     SAW The Switch Access to Windows-HCI-Application
     Dasher Text Input by pointing gestures
     the OATS project OpenSorce Assistive Technology Database
     the Open Prosthetics Project "Prothetics shouldn't cost an arm and a leg"
     COGAIN Communication by Gaze interaction
     OpenEyes OpenSource toolkit for low-cost real-time eye-tracking
     Margrit Betke works on image recognition for HCIs
     the FORTEC group working on Rehabilitation Technology

   Professional EEG Hard- and Software:

     Neurobit Systems 1 - 4 Channel Biosignal Amplifiers (Lite, Optima-2, Optima-4)
     BioSemi Amplifiers, Active Electrodes, Amplifier Design Resources
     G.Tec Guger Technologies, USB- and high quality EEG-Amplifiers
     BCI2000 General purpose system for Brain-Computer-Interface research
     BioExplorer Commercial BioFeedback Software with Multimedia support

   Tutorials, how-to's:

     How to build a ModularEEG by Dan Griffiths
     gamedevJeff Molofee's (NeHe) OpenGl-tutorial
     fft-routine by Don Cross
     EDF the European Data Format
     extended EDF
     OpenCV the open computer vision library by Intel

   Audio / Video tools

     MidiYoke  to route midi-output into another program
     AudioMulch  universal Sound Synthesitzer
     Isadora Midi-controlled Realtime Video-Effects
     VVVV a multiporpose multimedia toolkit
     Reaktor Native Instruments GUI SoundLab



     Shifz the Syntharturalistic Art foundation
     Roboexotica our annual Cocktail Robot-Event