BBay - News / History :

10-08-2017 BrainBay V2.0 released:

- Support for OpenBCI Ganglion
- Support for Neurosky devices
- Cursorkey integration for Oscilloscope and Threshold Windows
- KeyCapture element allows logging of key events
- Oscilloscope can save snapshots for training reports
- SessionManager and Sessiontime elements for menu-based selection of designs
- Keystrike element for key logging and interaction

14-11-2014 BrainBay V1.9 released:

- MCI Media Player: now rewinds / restarts at end-of-media.
- New installer .nsi with Uninstall warning message.
- Roll the Spectrogram window rather than completely clearing it.
- Oscilloscope mod for huge (24-bit) output range EEG devices.
- New OpenBCI packet format, both 8 and 16 channels.
- added opi test configurations
- modified COMREADER to allow also writes to COM port
- second NIA device updates
- added OPI TrueSense Exploration support
- added option to append archive starttime to time display
- Neurobit fixes, dll version

28-08-2011 BrainBay V1.8 released:

- cured a lot of bugs (thanks to Marcin for extensive testing !)
- improved movie player support
- added new elements: min, max, delay, limiter, round, differentiate
- updated user manual and developer manual 

05-09-2010 BrainBay V1.7 released:

- added support for new biosignal recording devices:
   Neurobit Lite, Optima-2, Optima-4 (thanks to Marcin Kocikowski)
   QDS support (thanks to Stephan Gerhard)
   OCZ-NIA  (thanks to Franz Strobl)
   PendantV3 (thanks to Soren Anderson)  
- removed bug from EDF-reader (crushed due to buffer overrun)
- removed bug from FFT-display (did not work on 64 bit platforms)
- videoinput library provided as option to cvcapture (which worked poorly with my cam on Win-7)
- added copy/paste support for elements in design window
- added log-file support (main-menu -> help)
- added auto-transition to default midi mapper if midi device was not found
- IDE support for Visual Studio 2010 (express)
- BrainBay open source repository created on github
  (introduction see here)

15-09-2008 BrainBay V1.5 released:

- added device support for the SmartBrainGames (SBG) - EEG Unit
- added device support for the Array3600 adjustable power supply
- added support for the Psytask Software via COM-Port connection
- new design configuration samples and directory structure for design configuration files 

29-05-2008 BrainBay V1.4 released:

- removed bug from EDF-File writer (archive length was not updated when closing edf-file)
- added Parallel-Port-Output Element to trigger external events
- reworked COM-Port read-handler because it crashed on some Laptops 
- added support for Bioexplorer text file archives in the File Writer Element
- removed bug from TCP-Receive Element (lost samples)
- improved  protocol type (P21) selection and com-port connection/disconnection
- MinGW support IS BACK !  (well, except the Skindialog element ...)
- data buffers of elements are now cleared when positioning in archives (to avoid inconsistent data)
- new source file package with Mingw/Msvc-libs included

09-03-2007 BrainBay V1.2 released:

- removed bug in archive playback (crashed at the end of some archives)
- removed bug in expression evaluator (did not work for some functions)
- included new library for libmatheval 1.3.3
- changes in the signal handler allow higher sampling rates up to 100kHz 
  (depending on system hardware and design configuration) 
- hidden status bar when application is minimizied
- new editor for skinned user dialogs
- back propagation of signals is possible now
- face tracking for camera-mouse improved (better heuristics for re-calibration)
- mouse-controller element improved (auto-dwell function, status output ports)
- extension of the midi-element: pitchbend, pitchrange and dynamic output interval
- ERP-detector improved: correlation method, multiple input channels, 
  recording can be triggered via port-input
  caution: previous designs using the ERP-detector need re-connection of the ports
- Oscilloscope window improved (pixelbuffer, mark in and out functions)
- Signal Generator got ramp- and random-function
- new element: peak detector
- new element: translation (signal mapper)
- some new design-demos
- help pages included
- installer (and de-installer) available

04-09-2006 BrainBay V1.1 released:
- threshold and counter got adjustable fontsize and backgrounds
- oscilloscope got 'group-signals' option
- elements in the design windows can be tagged 
- new elements: mediaplayer, standard deviation, file writer (thanks Vistan !)
- camera element can record video now
- user-manual and developer-manual available (V1.0)

27-07-2006 BrainBay V1.0 released:
- removed bugs from eeg- and erp-detect objects
- counter-object added
- skinned dialog GUI-object added (still in development)
- some new configuration files
- links section updated

06-01-2006 BrainBay V0.99 snapshot released:
- design window has got scrollbars now :-)
- improved GUI and FFT-graphix
- auto-load and auto-start functions
- bi-directional firmware support
- positioning in archive-files improved
- new objects: integrator, sample&hold, constant, mouse-control, webcam
- face recognition and feature tracking using openCV (for head-mouse-support)

25-07-2005 BrainBay V0.9 snapshot released:
- added signal routing-information and labelling 
- new objects: edf-read, edf-write, tcp-send, ballgame
- more new objects: correlation, movie-player
- added 3d-features to fft-object
- added color and caption features to osci-object
- new subdirectory structure
- some GUI changes

05-03-2004 BrainBay V0.75 snapshot released:
- Sampling-bug in Bbay 0.7, removed
- ringing bug in magnitude object removed

26-02-2004 BrainBay V0.7 snapshot released:
- dynamic number of input- and output-ports for the objects
- adjustable sampling rate
- some structural changes
- Wav-Object updated: has adjustable playback speed now (Alpha stage)
- FFT-object updated: adjustable bin sizes
new objects:
- TCP-Receive-Object and Neuroserver support provide EDF-reading compatibility (Alpha stage)
- Expression Evaluator - object
- Logical-OR - object
- Logical-NOT - object
- Documentation - object

28-01-2004 BrainBay V0.6.5 snapshot released:
- got rid of the bitmaps for the construction window, using drawn objects instead
- removed some bugs in GUI and object communication
new objects:
- Wav-Object to play sounds (working but not yet finished, triggers .wav, .mp3, ..), 
- Logical-AND - Object

07-01-2004  BrainBay V0.6 snapshot released:
- some minor changes in the source provide MinGW-compatibility ! (thanks to Jeremy Wilkerson)
   MinGW is the Minimalist Gnu for Windows OpenSource Compiler

30-12-2003  BrainBay V0.5 snapshot released:
- serial port reader
- write to / read from file (plain text or integer values)
- archive-player uses a timer to read from the file instead of the Com-Port
- oscilloscope display object
- filter-object and magnitude object, using calls to Jim Peter's fidlib.dll 
  for real-time filter design. there were some problems when creating
  certain filter-types like chebyshev. maybe i used wrong calling-parameters.. 
  i bypassed these types now
- fourier-object, fourier display window using opengl-drawing
- midi-output-object, sends midi-note or control-change - messages to 
  a selectable midiout-device. parameters like sampling interval, 
  volume range and tonescale can be selected.
- particle-system-object, running in an opengl-window, remote control of color, amount, 
  gravity, position etc. via the signal-parametes is possible.
- threshold-object, combines a threshold function (min/max, rising/falling values) 
  whith a pre-gain and a meter-display
- translate-object, not finished now (only gain and add implemented) will allow mapping
  of input to output values
- a signal generator-object, produces sinus, sawtooth or rectangles at selectable frequency 

Chris Veigl